13th December – Give Someone A Book

Do you like to read? We love reading! Do you sometimes wish that your friends had read your favourite book – just so you could talk to them about it? Well, now is your chance to make it happen!

Make someone smile today by sharing your favourite book with them. Maybe you could slip a little note into the cover telling them why it is your favourite book!


12th December – God’s Love

One of the things we love doing here over at the Youth Project is telling people about how much God loves them. We think it’s the most important thing that people should know.

Can you think of someone you know who might need to hear that God loves them? Your challenge today is to share that love with someone who might not know about it. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

7th December – CHARITY SHOP

Hopefully yesterday you all did some washing up for your family after dinner!

Today we are going to think a bit wider than our families or even our community. Similarly to Tuesday we’re going to think about those who are in greater need than ourselves. Do you have lots of clothes? Lots of toys? Have you ever donated to a charity shop? By donating to a charity shop you are helping to raise valuable funds to help the charity run or research or do whatever else it does!

If you aren’t able to get to a charity shop then either try at the weekend or give your item(s) to Hannah to take for you!

5th December – TINS OF FOOD

What is your favourite thing to eat at Christmas time? Do your family do a big roast dinner with all the trimmings? One of my favourite parts of celebrating at Christmas time is all of the exciting foods… mince pies, christmas pudding….. stolen, fancy tea…! I LOVE Christmas food!

Sadly there are lots of people who, this year, won’t even have a roof over their heads, let alone have a big roast dinner.

Caring Hands is a local charity who provides food and hot meals to those who are in need. Today we are asking that you find something that you can donate to this charity. It could be some toiletries, tins of food, or dry food like pasta or rice.

You can bring it along to chapel tonight, or if you’re part of the Thursday group you can bring it along then!

Spend today thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves and how we can continue to help them.

3rd December – BREAKFAST IN BED

Who in your house would love a lie in on Sunday morning? Who else in your house likes breakfast?! Today it’s your turn to get up early and make someone in your house breakfast in bed. It could be a simple jam on toast with a cuppa…. Or you could go all out and make an American pancake stack with bacon and maple syrup. Make whatever your breakfast receiver will love!

2nd December – HOOVER

Do you help with chores around the house? Do you parents have to nag and remind you to do them? Imagine how pleased they would be if you actually just DID them…. without having to be asked a million times!!!!

Today we are going to bring smiles to parents all over Harvington today by doing the hoovering for them… without being asked!


Don’t forget to upload the photos of your advent challenges and tag them #HarvingtonYouthAdventChallenge. We can’t wait to see all the photos of your parents with smiling faces and their feet up!!!!