This term at the youth project we are starting to discover who the man Jesus is by looking at things he said about himself in the Bible. To start off we are looking at a story which is often called Woman at the Well, check out the video below to find out more: The Woman … Continue reading I AM HE.

25th Dec 2018

HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL! Well done to everyone who did one or all of our advent challenges. We hope that this season of advent has been an opportunity to slow down and think about Christmas differently. We hope you've seen how your small actions can make a big impact on the world and the people around … Continue reading 25th Dec 2018

24th Dec 2018

In our advent challenges we've been thinking about how small actions can make a big impact in the lives of others. We've also been thinking about how stories are a great way of understanding each other and the world around us. Your challenge today is to read the following story, maybe by yourself or with … Continue reading 24th Dec 2018

22nd Dec 2018

All around us this weekend are people trying to prepare for a few days of visiting family and celebrating. Some people may be doing last minute shopping, preparing food and wrapping presents. And I bet there's lots of people doing cleaning so that they don't have to do lots over Christmas! How could you help … Continue reading 22nd Dec 2018

23rd Dec 2018

We've talked about the importance of sharing stories. Well, today we have the opportunity to do just that! Come to Chapel this morning at 10am where we will have the chance to share our advent challenge stories with one another, and celebrate the coming of Jesus at Christmas!

21st Dec 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Just the weekend to go and then we're there! How have you found this Advent Challenge? We'd love to hear your feedback - also, this Sunday morning at HBC (10am) we will have an opportunity to share our stories from this season. It would be great to see you there! Today's challenge … Continue reading 21st Dec 2018