Here’s our timetable for this term.

Date CAS 7+ Date
18-Sep Kleer: 1A Pause NG: Loving 20-Sep
25-Sep Kleer: 1B Senses NG: Holy 27-Sep
02-Oct Games Night NG: Just 04-Oct
09-Oct Kleer: 1C Invisible NG: Faithful 11-Oct
13-Oct Family Games Night Fundraiser  
16-Oct Kleer: 1D Signal NG: Forgiving 18-Oct
21-Oct Light Party  
23-Oct Nike Hike iSingPOP Concert 25-Oct
30-Oct Half Term 01-Nov
06-Nov Kleer: 2A Xray Vision NG: Strong 08-Nov
13-Nov Kleer: 2B Packaging NG: Healer 15-Nov
20-Nov Kleer: 2C Label NG: Merciful 22-Nov
27-Nov Advent Challenge Advent Challenge 29-Nov
04-Dec Kleer: 2D Sim Card Life of Jesus 06-Dec
11-Dec Movie Night Movie Night 13-Dec

Keep checking back here for updated info on events and group dates.


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