This page is still in progress…. Keep checking back to get to know more of our lovely team!

Harvington Youth Project is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, and is headed up by a committed Steering Group. Here you can find out a bit more about them, if you have any questions you’d like them to answer then send them into us!

Hannah Owen – Youth Worker

Hannah heads up the team and works 16 hours a week for the youth project. She is married to Matt and has two lovely girls. She has been called “Granny Han” since the age of 15.

Favourite Joke: “Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“I Dunup…”
“I Dunup Who?”
“Ewwww!! You did a poo!??”

Matt Owen – Volunteer Youth Worker for 10+

Matt has been volunteering with Hannah since she started in Harvington in September 2013. He is cabinet maker by day and his favourite dinosaur is a Stegosaurus!

Favourite Joke (borrowed from the lovely Ethan Nicol):
Q – What’s green and hangs in trees?
A – Giraffe snot!

Richard Thorniley – Volunteer Youth Worker and Steering Group Member

I am The Reverend Richard Thorniley, Rector at St James Harvington – a Trustee since 2001 and a volunteer on Thursday evenings at the 7+ group. I love games (fiercely competitive) talking and hearing about the ways of God through stories and sharing. Coming along on Thursdays is one of the best bits of my week – and its so inspired me that in 2004 I started running holiday clubs in Harvington which I have done ever since with lots of friends and helpers.

Other Members of our voluntary Youth Team include:

Karen Cracknell
Sue Stokes
Gill Thornily
Sheila Hemmings
John Liggit

Members of our Steering Group include:

Peter Ashplant – our Chairperson

Rev. Richard Thorniley
Andrew Cracknell
Jean Spires
Kathryn Evans
Judy Perry
Sandie Davies
John Liggit

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