22nd Dec 2018

All around us this weekend are people trying to prepare for a few days of visiting family and celebrating. Some people may be doing last minute shopping, preparing food and wrapping presents. And I bet there’s lots of people doing cleaning so that they don’t have to do lots over Christmas!

How could you help your friends, neighbours or family with some pre-Christmas chores? I’m helping my mummy clean her house which has recently had some building work done! Let’s get our helpful hats on! 🙌🏼

23rd Dec 2018

We’ve talked about the importance of sharing stories. Well, today we have the opportunity to do just that!

Come to Chapel this morning at 10am where we will have the chance to share our advent challenge stories with one another, and celebrate the coming of Jesus at Christmas!

21st Dec 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Just the weekend to go and then we’re there! How have you found this Advent Challenge? We’d love to hear your feedback – also, this Sunday morning at HBC (10am) we will have an opportunity to share our stories from this season. It would be great to see you there!

Today’s challenge is an important one this close to Christmas. Christmas TV adverts often show the importance of being with people, but do they just give us that sweet “aww that’s nice” feeling or do they prompt us into action? A survey released earlier in the year showed that 5% of adults reported feeling lonely “often” or “always”. That would suggest that there is a large amount of people within our own community who suffer from loneliness.

What could you do to reach out to the lonely within our community? Can you invite someone over for your Christmas dinner? Could you go and see them with some cake? Even talking and saying hello to someone can make a big difference.

To read more about loneliness and the impact it can have on people’s lives click on the following link:

20th Dec 2018

Today’s challenge is another one to target the STUFF that we so easily accumulate. Can you find at least ONE item that you can donate to charity; a book, an item of clothing, or a toy?

I recently saw a post on the internet where a parent showed a photo of their kids Santa Sacks under the tree. On Christmas Eve the children fill their sacks with a number of their toys (that are in good condition) to donate to Santa to give to other children. I thought this was a brilliant way of not only decluttering before Christmas, but also instilling the idea of giving to our kids.

How else could we donate STUFF to charity? We would love to hear your ideas!

19th Dec 2018

Today’s challenge is one of my FAVOURITE, and probably quite a tricky one if you’re a book lover…!

We’ve already talked about the importance of stories and I bet that many of you have a favourite one. Which books have inspired you, or make you feel nostalgic for your childhood? Are there books that have guided or helped you through hard times?

Today your challenge is to give away one of your favourite books! You could give away a used one or maybe you could buy a new copy for someone as their Christmas present? Make sure you tell them why you’ve passed on this book and why it’s your favourite!

Two that are in my favourites list that I’m going to pass on are The Little Prince and The Ragamuffin Gospel… What’s yours??

18th Dec 2018

It’s a grey and rainy day but how could you make the place you live bright and sparkly?

Today’s challenge is to spend 10 minutes collecting bits of rubbish! We suggest wearing gloves and to not pick up anything like broken glass or things that could be dangerous – ask a grown up if you’re not sure!

17th Dec 2018

Today’s challenge is to write a Christmas card to a neighbour that you don’t know very well.

We would love for this Christmas to be a time where all generations of our village are getting to know each other. So, who in your street could you get to know a bit better. You don’t even need to stop at a Christmas card! How might you get to know each other more?

We’d love to hear your stories!

16th Dec 2018

Today there are TWO family carol services going on in Harvington. If you’re super swift you could make it to both (like Hannah is going to!)! But at each service Hannah will have some booklets for you to take and give to your friends. These little booklets tell the story of the first Christmas; do you have a friend that doesn’t know about the first Christmas? If so, then these little books are a great introduction.

Even if you’re not going to give out this story then still do come and see us at one of our carol services 🕯… HBC starts at 10am and ST James at 10:30am. We will also be doing some carols at The Cross on Friday at 7pm.

Mulled drinks and mince pies in abundance! 🥧🍷

15th Dec 2018

This might seem like an odd challenge when we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about community, but it is really important in highlighting the seriousness of looking after the world we live in.

Your challenge today is to plant some bulbs. Not only will these [hopefully] turn into beautiful flowers, but hopefully they will help to look after our bees and provided them with much needed pollen throughout the Spring.

If you don’t have a garden, do you know someone who does who can help you plant some? If you didn’t get a bag of bulbs during the week then there is a box of some just inside the gate of chapel!

For some more information about how amazing bees are, and how we can help their declining population, check out the infographic below and click to visit their website!

14th Dec 2018

Todays challenge is similar to the challenge we did on the 10th; it’s to write a card or a letter. Only today it is to write to someone you don’t see very often; and not just one of those generic cards or letters that you send out in mass at Christmas… What do you REALLY want to say to this person?

They don’t even need to live miles away, sometimes people you don’t see as often as you would like live really close. If this is case, why don’t you write them a card inviting them to do something over the festive season?

We’re looking forward to hearing about all you’ve been doing throughout this Advent season. We have some bits for you to use for your challenges over the weekend:

  • Saturday – you will need some bulbs; there will be a box just inside the chapel gate for you to collect a bag.
  • Sunday we have two family Carol Services going on; 10am at Harvington Baptist Chapel and 10:30am at St James. We have some leaflets for you to use for your challenge which will be available at both of these services.

Happy Friday all! X