15th Dec 2020

In previous Advent Challenges we’ve been able to do a lot more than this year. For obvious reasons, we’re a bit more restricted on the activities we can do!

That’s why todays challenge comes in the form of a promise, or an I.O.U. Think of someone who you would like to treat, perhaps someone you haven’t been able to see over the past few months. When you have that person in mind, think of what you could do to treat them when life, perhaps, returns to ‘normal.’ When you have the person AND treat in mind, it’s time to write! Make them an I.O.U. card which says what you’re going to treat them with!

Here’s some ideas:
– A hot chocolate date
– Baking cakes together
– A cinema trip
– A home cooked meal
– A party!?

Let us know what you come up with!

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