1st Dec 2020

Over the next four Tuesdays we’re going to have four opportunities to treat some people! These could be the same people, or they could be different people. They could be someone you know, or a complete stranger. The treat could be small…. Like a chocolate bar. Or it could be much bigger… Like an overnight stay in a 5* hotel in the Bahamas?!

Today your challenge is to think of someone who might be needing a little extra hope this week. Do you know someone who has been struggling with feeling lonely? Perhaps you know someone who is really fed up. Or MAYBE you could treat your parents by cooking them a meal, making them a cup of tea… Or even, (I know… this is a weird one…) BY TIDYING YOUR ROOM!?

Whoever you choose to treat, and whatever you choose to treat them with, we pray that this small action will bring hope into their week.

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