30th Nov 2020

Advent Challenge 30.11.20

Over the next few Mondays we’re going to look at some different mindfulness exercises to get our spirits prepared for Christmas. Mindfulness is a word that has been getting popular over the last few years, but it is not a new idea, meditation has been used by Christians for hundreds of years as a way of getting a deeper understanding of who God is. Today your challenge is to spend some time outside in nature, whatever the weather!

The advent theme for this week is hope. During the first lockdown we had such nice weather that it was easier to feel hopeful about the situation. Now that it has been going on for months, and the weather is rubbish, our hope seems to be dwindling. But I encourage you to go outside and look for the beauty in nature even through the rubbish weather. Do you see raindrops hanging from leaves? Can you hear the wind rustling through the trees? Make use of all your senses and feel connected to the world that God created around you.

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