13th Dec 2020

Advent Wreath – JOY

As we go into our third week of Advent we prepare by lighting the candle that represents JOY!

When we speak about joy, we don’t mean happiness, which is fleeting, can change and be impacted by all sorts of things (think; annoying siblings, the weather, stubbing your toe, your team loosing the game…). Instead, when we say joy we mean the deep knowledge and contentedness of knowing who we are in the world as beloved children of God.

We will be exploring the idea of joy in a bit more detail over the coming weeks, but as you light the third advent candle together, you might like to watch the following videos featuring some highly esteemed Harvington based actors. These were made by some members of our youth group a number of years ago and tries to show the joy that some of the people surrounding the first Christmas may have felt.


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