7th Dec 2020

If you tried, you could find hundreds of mindfulness colouring books on the shelves of lots and lots of shops. Mindfulness colouring books are designed to help you clear your mind and rid you of your stress through using your creativity.

As a Christian though mindfulness, or meditation and contemplation, takes on a different form. Rather than emptying your mind only for being rid of stress, we empty it to fill it with the good things that come from God. One way to do this is by meditating on words that he gave us.

Below you can download our colouring sheet with words taken from the Bible, these are words that Jesus gave his disciples, promising them that His spirit would be with them. As we move through this week thinking about peace, maybe you would like to spend some time colouring in this picture, meditating on the words that Jesus gave us.

You might like to watch this video before hand, which explains a little bit more about what the word ‘peace’ means, specifically¬†around this time of Advent.

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