Advent starts tomorrow!

We start our advent challenge tomorrow by lighting our first candle of advent. Below are the details if you want to get involved!

This year has certainly been a challenging one for all, and we’re really sad that we’re not going to be able to celebrate Christmas in our usual Youth Project way. But we’re hoping that this year’s Advent Challenge will help to bring a little of our usual Christmassy joy!

Below you’ll find all the details you’ll need to begin the advent challenge; a calendar which has some of the details, a wreath that you can colour in as you complete the activities each day, and some ideas of how to create your own advent wreath at home.

Similarly to previous years, there’s no pressure to complete all the tasks, BUT please pay attention to the special dates on the calendar in this pack. The dates in bold are events that you need to remember, put them on the calendar/in your diary/on your phone/whatever you use to remember things!

If you want to take photos of the things you get up to, please upload them (or ask your parent to upload them) to social media and tag us, using the hashtag #hypadventchallenge2020.

We can’t wait to celebrate the lead up to Christmas with you! Keep an eye out for more info and resources as we go through the challenges!

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