As a youth project we believe that the message and call of Jesus is clear; to be a voice for the voiceless, to love radically and without bounds, and to speak out against oppression and injustice. All of these require action.

In the Bible Jesus uses stories to share truths with the people around him. Once such story tells of a Shepherd who has one hundred sheep; one of which goes missing. The story goes that in order to rescue the one sheep, he leaves the ninety nine (safe sheep) and goes in search of the one. When the one sheep is found he rejoices – has a party! The ninety nine sheep didn’t need to be rescued, but the one did. Yes, we believe that all lives are important. But right now, it is not the majority that are in need of rescuing.

As a youth project we also believe that the passion and zeal of young people can change the world.

That is why we commit to stand with our black brothers and sisters. We commit to stand with the marginalised and oppressed. We commit to speak out against injustice. And we commit to educate ourselves and your young people about our history and the racism that is still so prevalent within our society.

Together, we commit to love radically.

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