Shaking Things Up!


We’re changing the way things look around here at the Youth Project…

Our vision for the Youth Project has always been based in a verse from the Bible where Jesus says that he has come to give us life in all its fullness. As a Youth Project we want to provide a safe and fun environment where you can experience and explore this fullness!

To do this we’re going to change the way some of our groups are run:

Adventurers: 7-10/11 (Starts 21st Sept)

This group will basically stay the same. You won’t notice much difference, apart from now you are able to stay on in this group until you’re 11 (if  you want to!), right through your first year in St Egwins. We’re hoping that this means we can help you to have a happy transition up to big school! We won’t say no if you want to move up a group when you’re 10 though 🙂

Come And See (CAS): 10/11 – 16 (Starts 19th Sept)

This is the group previously known as 10+. We’re going to change the atmosphere of this group slightly, creating more of a ‘drop-in’ environment. We will sometimes still have the same led games and discussions, only now there will be a lot more chance to chat with the leaders, play pool and get your craft on!

We’re raising the age of this group slightly to 16. We understand that for you guys, 11 to 16 is a big age gap, however we hope that by changing the way we run things this won’t have a huge impact! You will still get to hang out with your own friends – in fact there will be MORE of a chance for you to do this!

One thing we will be doing is asking those of you in the upper ages if you can help within the group. This might be helping to set up games, getting drinks, or putting tuck away. We love having you with us and we couldn’t run the group without you!

Deeper: 10/11 – 16 (Launches in Jan)

We are aiming to launch this group in January. This will be a safe place for those of you who wish to discuss issues close to you at a much deeper level than we are able to do at CAS. This will probably end up being a smaller group, with a slightly more formal set up.


If you have any questions about the groups or activities please let Hannah know on either 07837 848879, or

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