Who We Are

Harvington Youth Project is a joint project founded in 1994 as a collaboration between the Baptist Chapel and Anglican Church who formed a Joint Steering Group to develop the Project which still runs to this day. The motto of the Youth Project is taken from John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come to give life, life in all its fullness.” This is something we strongly believe and we actively seek to provide an environment in which young people can explore what this means.

The Youth Project has a clear Spiritual dimension and our aim is to communicate the powerful and life-changing teachings of Jesus in a way that’s easy to access and understand. We want to share our Christian faith with the young people of Harvington and to provide them with an opportunity to respond to it. We are committed to care for these young people holistically; spiritually, physically and mentally. We want to see the potential of young people drawn out and to involve them in the wider community.

The work of the project is spearheaded by Youth Worker Hannah Owen, and a broad team of volunteers which enable the project to run. Check out the Meet The Team page to get to know them!

The only way we have been able to sustain the long-running work of the Youth Project is through the generous gifts from outside benefactors and kind individuals. It is with thanks that we gratefully acknowledge the following groups that have made the running of the Youth Project possible: Worcester County Council, West Mercia Community Fund, Harvington Parish Council, Elmey Small Arts Fund, Wychavon County Council, HEBA, Worcester Diocese, Community First both St James and Harvington Baptish Church, and many more.

To introduce your child to the youth groups and activities, find out more, or donate to our work, please look around the website.