Meet The Team

This page is still in progress…. Keep checking back to get to know more of our lovely team!

Harvington Youth Project is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, and is headed up by a committed Steering Group. Here you can find out a bit more about them, if you have any questions you’d like them to answer then send them into us!

Hannah Owen – Youth Worker

Hannah Owen

Hannah heads up the team and works 16 hours a week for the youth project. She is married to Matt and has two lovely girls. She has been called “Granny Han” since the age of 15.

Favourite Joke: “Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“I Dunup…”
“I Dunup Who?”
“Ewwww!! You did a poo!??”

Matt Owen – Volunteer Youth Worker for 10+

Matt has beIMG_3727en volunteering with Hannah since she started in Harvington in September 2013. He is cabinet maker by day and his favourite dinosaur is a Stegosaurus!

Favourite Joke (borrowed from the lovely Ethan Nicol):
Q – What’s green and hangs in trees?
A – Giraffe snot!

Other Members of our voluntary Youth Team include:

Karen Cracknell
Sue Stokes
John James
Rev. Richard Thornily
Gill Thornily
Sheila Hemmings
John Liggit

Jim Nicol – Volunteer Youth Worker & Steering Group Member

Hi. I’m Jim. I teach.Jim
I love camping, tomatoes and Marvin the Martian. I went to the same school as Richard Hammond. I think I know what the meaning of life is.

Favourite Joke (a Tim Vine special…): “I’ve just come back from a once in a lifetime holiday. I tell you what, never again…”

Noel Mobberley – Member of Steering Group

I am seriously old and can remember personal experiences during the 1939-1945 war.  I actually went to the same school as Jim Nicol but much earlier than him.  It was a ‘boys only’ school when I was a pupil. I have an ‘extended family’ with a married daughter in New Zealand with 2 boys; a married son with 1 boy and 2 step daughters with 3 sons and a daughter here in the UK.  Like Mel I am a steam locomotive enthusiast and helped restore one based at the Glos. & Warwickshire railway at Toddington.  I am too old and decrepit to do much heavy work these days but I am still a trustee of a charity set up to maintain it.

I’m a keen gardener and also have an allotment.  I like walking, particularly along the coast and we use our campervan to visit good walking places in the UK and  Europe.  This year we spent Easter in Amsterdam in our camper which we call ‘Dora’.

Mel Curnuck –  Chairman of Steering Group

MelI am married with two grown up daughters and volunteer for the National Trust and on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway.

I was first ask to serve on the youth project steering group (management committee) in 2001 as a representative of Harvington Baptist Church and have served as the projects secretary.

I am now the projects chairman.  In this role I am keen to see the project develop to meet the changing needs of the young people of Harvington and to build bridges between the project and the community.  Please contact me should you wish to discuss any aspect of the projects works with me.

Other members of our Steering Group include:

Rev. Richard Thorniley
Andrew Cracknell
Jean Spires
Nathan Cracknell

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